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COVID-19 Updates and Resources

Webinar Recordings Available

Find everything you need - the recording link, the presentation slides, resources, and the speaker info - in the document links below. Download to save and share! 

8/29/20 RecordingFrom Bedside to Webside: Academic & Clinical Teaching of Acute Care Physical Therapy in the COVID Era 

7/11/20 Recording: Caring for Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Acute Care Perspective

6/13/20 RecordingCOVID-19 and Cancer Rehab: Meeting the Needs of Survivors During a Pandemic and Beyond

5/23/20 Morning RecordingCOVID-19 Expert Panel: You've Got Clinical Questions, Let's See if We Have Answers

5/23/20 Afternoon RecordingCOVID-19: Implications for Physical and Occupational Therapy in the Acute Care Setting - Putting Evidence into Clinical Practice

5/16/20 Morning Recording: COVID-19: ICU to Home Transitions

5/16/20 Afternoon Recording: Inpatient Rehab Considerations for Patients with COVID-19

5/09/20 Recording: Overview of Prone Positioning - Why It Works and Lessons Learned

5/02/20 Recording: Leveraging New Models in Addressing Hospital Deconditioning and Physical Impairment to Establish a COVID-19 Hospital Throughput Framework

4/25/20 RecordingPhysical Therapy Considerations of Neurologic Presentations in COVID-19

4/18/20 Recording: Physical Therapy Considerations of COVID-19 in the Post-Acute Setting

4/11/20 Recording: (Part 2) Acute Care Physical Therapy & COVID-19: How Can We Add the Greatest Value?

4/04/20 Recording: COVID-19: Minimizing the Impact of Social Distancing for the Older Adult

3/28/20 Recording: COVID-19: Clinical Best Practices in Physical Therapy Management

3/21/20 Recording: (Part 1) Acute Care Physical Therapy & COVID-19: How Can We Add the Greatest Value?


Opportunities Related to COVID-19 from APTA Engage

PT Volunteer Roster – Add your name to a roster of PTs, PTAs, and students interested in helping if needs arise at a facility near you. Follow updates on this initiative by following #ptcovid19 on Twitter. A PT COVID-19 website will be live soon. Note that facilities must request assistance prior to being able to match volunteers to specific needs. 

PT Volunteer Roster sign-up for non-members – If you would like to encourage any non-member colleagues to sign up, please let them know that non-members must first create an APTA user ID on before signing into APTA Engage.

Volunteer Needs for Facilities – Being able to match volunteers on the roster to local opportunities will be dependent on facilities letting us know their needs. If you know of a facility in need of volunteers, please direct folks to request volunteer assistance through the link on Please help spread the word in your medical communities!

COVID-19 Stories – APTA would like to hear from members about your experiences on the frontlines of this pandemic. Please consider sharing your story with other members by selecting this opportunity or by contacting Michelle Vanderhoff, APTA lead editor, directly.

APTA Acute Care COVID-19 Release

APTA Acute Care is committed to supporting all physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, and students, both association members and nonmembers, as we deal with issues arising out of the current Coronavirus pandemic.  As a professional organization, we are not permitted to provide legal advice, however, we can provide references that will help you make good decisions for yourself, your patients, colleagues, and practices.

COVID-19 Guideline for Physical and Occupational Therapists in the Acute Care Setting at Mayo Clinic Study

APTA Acute Care in collaboration with Mayo Clinic partnered to provide a resource for acute care physical therapy professionals working with patients with COVID-19. The COVID-19 Guideline for Physical and Occupational Therapists in the Acute Care Setting at Mayo Clinic provides emerging evidence that is operationalized into current practice to support clinical decision-making. The primary purpose of this guideline is to educate rehabilitation professionals treating patients diagnosed with COVID-19 in the acute care setting from the perspective of Mayo Clinic. This document may serve as a discussion starter on the therapist’s role and workflow when assessing and treating this patient population.

Physical therapists have the professional responsibility to provide excellent care, adhere to high standards, and collaborate with other healthcare providers to achieve optimal health outcomes for their patients. The evidence regarding COVID-19 is quickly evolving and therefore the acute care physical therapist should be knowledgeable regarding updates in the evidence for safe and effective patient management. Although the recommendations made in the COVID-19 Guideline for Physical and Occupational Therapists in the Acute Care Setting at Mayo Clinic are evidence-based, the final judgment regarding the appropriateness of physical therapy interventions and infection control should be made by the clinician considering the policies of their institution.

Safety at the Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic: How to Keep Our Oncology Patients and Healthcare Workers Safe. 

This articles reviews strategies to mitigate transmission of COVID-19 among patients with cancer and for the healthcare workers providing care to those patients. The authors recommend several approaches ensure patient safety, including COVID-19 prescreening/screening via telemedicine, greater utilization of tele-oncology, limiting surgeries and procedures to only essential, urgent, or emergent cases, and switching therapies to oral (versus infusion) when possible. They also propose measures focused on healthcare worker safety, including appropriate use of personal protective equipment (PPE), use of daily screening tools and/or temperature checks, greater use of telework and limited onsite staff, and clear stay-at-home and return-to-work guidelines.

Skin Manifestations With COVID-19: The Purple Skin and Toes That You Are Seeing May Not Be Deep Tissue Pressure Injury.

Many reports are occurring concerning areas of purpuric/purple skin and purple toe lesions in patients diagnosed with COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) (Figure 1). Wound care providers are being asked if these skin lesions are forms of Deep Tissue Pressure Injury and/or “skin failure”. Early reports of COVID-19 related skin changes included rashes, acral areas of erythema with vesicles or pustules (pseudo-chilblain), other vesicular eruptions, urticarial lesions, maculopapular eruptions, and livedo or necrosis.1-4 The pattern and presentation of skin manifestations with COVID-19 is more than rashes. The purpose of this paper is to guide the wound care clinician in determining if the “purple skin” being seen is a deep tissue pressure injury or a cutaneous manifestation of COVID-19. 

CDC COVID-19 Information for Healthcare Providers.

The APTA website recognizes that patient care is determined by the clinical judgment of the therapist, and encourages therapists to “first do no harm” and to “weigh the risks of providing care versus not.” APTA has a wealth of information and links on their website home page that is available to all therapists, regardless of association membership, in an effort to keep everyone informed. This information is updated regularly to address changes as the situation evolves.

While we recognize that many of these decisions you need to make are extremely difficult, we ask that you respect the fact that we cannot provide individualized legal advice. We encourage you to seek advice specific to your organization from your employment leadership, including attorneys, practice managers, school directors, compliance officers, etc.

This pandemic is an evolving situation. APTA will post updates on their website as appropriate.

  • Questions

    Does the legislation signed by President Trump allowing CMS to make certain waivers for Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP relief in response to the Coronavirus include provisions for physical therapists?

    • APTA issued guidelines related to these waivers on March 16.

    Are Physical Therapy clinics mandated to close under the Governor’s current restrictions?

    Physical therapy is not mentioned under the current guidelines coming from the Governor’s office. Therefore, each clinic has to make an individual determination about whether to remain open during this crisis. There are some general guidelines and considerations to facilitate making a decision on the APTA website including whether your practice is considered an ”essential health service.”

    I provide care in a school district. Am I permitted to treat my pediatric caseload even when the schools are under mandated closures?

    Again, this determination must be made on an individual basis. Some things to consider include:

    • Guidelines from your administration about accessing premises during the mandated closure.
    • Contract specifications, including consideration for PTs that are employees and PTs that are contractors.

    If my employer closes my clinic, will I still get paid?

    Again, that is an individual decision for each employer and employee to determine. Some factors to consider include:

    • Your terms of employment and/or contract.
    • Your eligibility to use vacation, sick, or personal leave time, and whether that is paid vs. unpaid.
    • Your personal circumstances: are you or a family member in at “at risk” category? If so, are you eligible to use FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act provisions)? Does your employer pay when employees take advantage of FMLA? (The law does not require employers to pay for time used under this law).
    • We are aware of some employers who have offered additional days of paid time off for employees to take care of themselves or a family member. You may want to consider negotiating with your employer.


    APTA Updates

    APTA has been issuing regular, and often daily, Coronavirus Updates via PT in Motion News electronic newsletter.
  • APTA Acute Care wants to ensure members are informed in a timely fashion, but we also want to be sure to not fill your inboxes with duplicate information! Signing up to get these short summaries with links to key documents, stories, and information is the BEST way to stay informed moment-to-moment. We will periodically forward this key information to members, but there may be a delay of up to a week. Be sure you are subscribed to get information in the timeliest manner possible!

    How to sign up:

    At the top of APTA’s homepage, click "Profile" in the top right corner. Login, and then go to "Email Management/Go Green." Then be sure to check "Allow APTA's weekly e-newsletter, PT in Motion News" box. Find past issues via the APTA’s Coronavirus webpage.


  • ACOEM Resources

    The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine has shared recordings of their free COVID-19 webinars. 

    The information provided in these videos is not designed to replace local institutional policies. The viewer should keep in mind that the information and recommendations are based on initial webinar date and to consider any additional updated and most current recommendations for making clinical decisions. 

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