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Academy of Acute Care Physical Therapy Awards
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To honor the various contributions on behalf of APTA Acute Care - An Academy of the American Physical Therapy Association membership, APTA Acute Care has five awards. These awards are the highest honor APTA Acute Care can bestow in recognition of excellence and are awarded at CSM annually during the Membership Meeting.

Review the five APTA Acute Care awards via the links below. Requirements and supporting materials to be submitted with your nomination are detailed there.

Nomination Process

APTA Acute Care members, and in some instances, non-members, are encouraged to nominate deserving individuals for the five following awards yearly. In an effort to be kind to the environment, all nominations are now only accepted electronically. To view the nomination forms and descriptions of award criteria and supporting documentation, visit the links below. Please note that we are now accepting 2021 award nominations!

Award Criteria and Nomination Forms

Nomination Process

  • Gather and submit required supporting materials.
  • Submit the award nomination form by clicking the corresponding link above.

Your nomination is not complete until the required supporting documents are submitted.


Nominations for the APTA Acute Care Awards are due on November 15 each year. Consider nominating a member who has impressed or inspired you. All it takes to nominate someone is to complete a simple online nomination form, but it’s a significant gesture. 


Awardees - James Dunleavy Distinguished Service Award

2020: Lynn Rudman, PT 2020
2019: Sujoy Bose, PT, DPT, MGS, BSPT, CCS
2018: Timothy Lyons, PT
2017: Kristin Greenwood, PT, DPT, MS, GCS,
2016: Glenn Irion, DPT, PhD, CWS and Jim Smith, PT, DPT, MA
2015: Courtney Bryan, PT
2013: Karen Holtgrefe, PT, DHS, OCS
2010: Sharon L. Gorman, PT, DPTSc, GCS
2008: Molly Crist, PT, DPT
2006: Sharon L. Gorman,PT, MS, GCS
2003: Susi Hoshi-Castoro, PT
2002: Anita Bemis-Dougherty, PT, MAS
2001: Nancy Gessner, PT
1999: Peter Kovacek, PT
1998: Dawn Simmons,PT
1997: Inaugural awarding to James Dunleavy, PT & Michelle L. Murphy, PT2017: Glenn Irion, DPT, PhD, CWS and Jim Smith, PT, DPT, MA

Awardees - Mary Sinnott Award for Clinical Excellence in Acute Care

2020: Traci L. Norris, PT, DPT
2016: Rhonda Barr, DPT, MA, CCS
2015: Joseph Adler, PT, DPT, CCS
2014: Amy Pawlik, PT, DPT, CCS
2013: Jennifer Zanni, PT
2012: Jennifer M.Ryan, PT, DPT, MS, CCS
2010: Christiane Perme, PT, CCS
2009: Elizabeth Warner, PT
2008: Mieczyslawa Franczyk, PT, PhD, MPH
2004: Darin Trees, PT, DPT
2003: Jennifer Driscoll, PT, MS
2001: Sara Arena,PT
2000: Charlotte Winokur Silver, PT

Awardees - Judy Oiler Fellowship Award

2018: Margaret U. Pearl
2017: Anita Bemis-Dougherty, PT, DPT, MAS
2014: Dale Needham, MD
2012: Diane U. Jette, PT, DSc, FAPTA
2011: Lieve Monnens
2009: Jean M. Bryan Coe, PT, DPT, PhD
2007: Judy Oiler
2003: Debbie Kelly, CMP
2002: Angel Ramos
2001: Lisa Ruane
1998: Julie Deal & Dobby Wall

Awardees - Lecture Award

2021: Patricia J. Ohtake, PT, PhD
2020: Linda E. Arslanian, PT, DPT, MS
2019: Jim Smith, PT, DPT -The Praxis of Physical Therapy
2018: Babette Seligman Sanders, PT, DPT, MS, FAPTA -Why We Matter
2017: Richard Bohannon, EdD, DPT, NCS, FAHA, FAPTA, FASNR, FAACPDM, CEEAA - Acute Care and Beyond - Stories and Lessons Learned
2016: Ellen Wruble Hakim, PT, DScPT, MS, CWS, FACCWS - Survival Is Not Enough
2015: Christine Perme, PT, CCS - Solidifying the Future of the PT Profession in ICU:  The Time is Now
2014: Jennifer Ryan, PT, MS, CCS - Do You Own Your Practice? The Importance of Owning Your Decisions and Actions
2013: Sharon L. Gorman, PT, DPTSc, GCS - Leveraging Technology to Advance Acute Care Practice
2012: Mary Sinnott, PT, MS - Acuity, Autonomy and the Intelligent Conversation
2011: Jim Dunleavy, PT, MS - Our Profession's Foundation and Its Future

Awardees -Educator Award

2019: Ellen Costello, PT, PhD
2019: Stacy J. Fisher-Eisen, PT, DPT

Past Awardees--APTA Emerging Leader Award

2020: Morgan Lopker PT, DPT
2019: Kerry J. Lammers, PT, DPT, CCS
2018: Jonathan M. Wood, PT, DPT
2016: Lauren Mitchel, DPT, PT
2014: Kristin M. Story, PT, DPT
2013: Richard Lee-Anthony White, PT, DPT
2012: Wendy Scutt Romney, PT, DPT, NCS and Sonya Lee Irons, PT, DPT, CCS
2011:Lynzie Travis-Schulte, PT, DPT
2009: Jeffrey S. Welk, PT, DPT, MPH
2008: Ann Hoi-Yin Chan, PT, DPT, MS
2006: Nicole Terumi Taniguchi, PT and Emily J. Slaven, PT MSc, OCS
2005: Judy Witherell, PTA, CLT-LANA and Alison L. Squadrito, PT, DPT, GCS

JACPT Best Manuscript Award

2017 JACPT Best Manuscript (presented in 2019)
Title of Article: Defining Entry-Level Practice in Acute Care Physical Therapy Practice

Authors: Kristin Greenwood, PT, DPT, EdD, MS, GCS; Eric Stewart, PT, DPT; Melissa Hake, PT, DScPT; Erin Milton, PT, DPT, NCS; Lauren Mitchell, PT, DPT; Babette Sanders, PT, DPT, MS, FAPTA

2016 JACPT Best Manuscript (presented in 2018)
Title of Article: Outcome Measures for Persons with Acute Stroke: A Survey of Physical Therapists Practicing in Acute Care and Acute Rehabilitation Settings

Authors: Heather D. Anderson, PT, DPT, NCS; Jane E. Sullivan, PT, DHS, MS

2015 JACPT Best Manuscript (presented in 2017)
Title of Article: Early Mobilization in Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Accelerates Recovery and Reduces Length of Stay

Authors: Brian F. Olkowski, PT, DPT, NCS; Mandy J. Binning, M.D.; Geri Sanfillippo, RN, MSN; Melissa L. Arcaro, PT, DPT, NCS; Laurie E. Slotnick, PT, DPT; Erol Veznedaroglu, MD, FACS, FAHA, FAANS; Kenneth M. Liebman, MD, FACS, FAANS; Amy E. Warren, MT, OS

2013 JACPT Best Manuscript (presented in 2016)
Title of Article: Gait Speed Improves Du ring Physical Therapy in General Acute Care, Skilled Nursing and Inpatient Rehabilitation - a Pilot Study

Authors: Heather J. Braden, PT, MPT, PhD, GCSa; Mansoo Ko, PT, PhDa; Maddie Bohmfalk, PTa; Katie Hortick PTa; Scott Hasson, EdD, PT, FACSM, FAPTAb


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