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2016 CSM Posters and Platforms
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CSM 2016 Poster Presentations

1001 -- Acute Physical Therapy Treatment of a Patient with Anti-N-methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor (NMDAR) 

Encephalitis -- Lieberman and Dubuisson

1002 -- Acute Physical Therapy Management of a Patient with Neurofibromatosis Type 2 -- Dubuisson and 


1003 -- Case Report: Feasibility of Performing the 6MWT in Ambulatory Patients with Cystic Fibrosis 

Requiring Mechanical Ventilation Prior to Lung Transplant -- Malamud and Ricard

1004 -- Self-Confidence and Preparedness for In-Patient Clinical Experiences for First-Year DPT Students 

After an Early Longitudinal Integrated Clinical Experience -- Fitzsimmons, Ovitt, Ferrier, Spates 

and Lee

1005 -- Description and Outcomes of a Collaborative Inter-professional Acute Care Simulation Lab for 

Physical Therapy Students -- Miller, Chancler and Adler

1006 -- Effectiveness of Different Airway Clearance Techniques in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis: A 

Systematic Review -- Elmarakby, Burke, Cashman, Day, DelMedico and Houshower

1007 -- Does Finger Used for Pulse Oximetry Measurements Make a Difference? -- LaPier, Chatellier and Koster

1008 -- A Case Report of Physical Therapy Treatment of a Patient Diagnosed with Motor Only Guillain-Barre 

Syndrome Concurrent with Cervical Spinal Surgery -- Anderson, Busch, Makwinski, Morello and Lopez

1009 -- Are Pain Ratings Influenced by Patient BMI and Type of Anesthesia Used for TKA? -- Piechtoa, 

Ronnebaum and Utley

1010 -- Optimizing Participation and Functional Progress With Physical Therapy Treatment for the Acute Care 

Patient During a Long Term Stay: A Case Study -- Frey and Klein

1011 -- Predicting Discharge Destination for Elective Hip and Knee Replacements Using Multidisciplinary 

Postoperative Clinical Scoring Tool -- Workman and Ogle

1012 -- Nursing Staff Perceptions and Self-Efficacy Regarding a New Handoff and Screening Procedure for 

Patient Mobility in the Hospital -- Wilson, Richards, Slavin, Seidell, Jagow, Gomez and Perlaki

1013 -- Investigating the Predictive Value of the AM PAC “6 Clicks” on Discharge Destination following 

Elective Joint Replacement -- Maida, Wagner, Bockelkamp

1014 -- The Effect of Minimally Invasive and Standard Incision Total Hip Arthroplasty on Functional Mobility 

in the Acute Care Setting: A Systematic Review -- Maida, Wagner, Cuviello, Kenefick, Kritz and 


1015 -- Optimizing Participation and Functional Progress With Physical Therapy Treatment for the Acute Care 

Patient During a Long Term Stay: A Case Study -- Frey and Klein

1016 -- Physical Therapy in the Medical Observation Unit: Ideal Physical Therapist and Patient Profiles -- 


1017 -- Hand Hygiene Compliance Among Visitors to Acute Health Care Settings: A Systematic Review -- Compton 

and Davenport

1018 -- The Use of an Algorithm to Facilitate Early Mobilization of Mechanically Ventilated Patients -- 

Titova, Tsvetkov, Nechaev and Svetogor

1019 -- Development of an Evidence Based Transdisciplinary Mobilization Program at an Orthopedic Specialty 

Hospital --  Pagano and Desai

1020 -- Characteristics of Traumatically-Injured Patients in the ICU That Distinguish Between Those Who 

Receive an Order for Physical Therapy and Those Who Do Not: A Retrospective Study -- Lloyd, Ganas, 

Howe, Warren and Chitika

1021 -- Obtaining Durable Medical Equipment for the Non-Funded Patient in the Acute Care Setting -- Harper

1022 -- Collaborative Care Model for Total Joint Replacement Patients: Initial Findings -- Harper, Lopez and 


1023 -- Diagnosing the Dizzy Patient in Acute Care: Why Health Professionals Should Utilize the Physical 

Therapist -- Scardillo, Hollenbach, Jones, McClelland, Morrow and Yamin

1024 -- One Day at a Time: Giving Hope Through Patient and Caregiver Support Groups at a Long-Term Acute 

Care Hospital -- Mote and Navidi

1025 -- Comparison of Physical Performance Recovery of Healthy Older Adults after Bed Rest and Hospitalized 

Older Adults -- Ellison, Deer, Arentson-Lantz, Nagamma, Spahn, Goodlett, Volpi and Paddon-Jones

1026 -- Role of Vestibular Rehabilitation in Acute Care: A Case Study -- Rana

1027 -- AM-PAC “6-Clicks”: Implementation and Potential Usefulness in a University Health System -- Johnson, 

Pierson, Noren, LaStayo and Marcus

1028 -- Discharge Recommendation Algorithm for Acute Care Physical Therapists -- Collins, Shumock and Kumble

1029 -- Utility of the 5 Meter Walk Test Post Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement -- Weber and Finnen

1030 -- Physical Therapists Add Value in the Emergency Department: A Comparison of Conservative Fibular 

Fracture Management -- King

1031 -- Physical Therapy Discharge Recommendation Based on Personal Factors and Performance on Two-Minute 

Walk Test in Patients Hospitalized with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Case Series -- 

Markut and Smith

1032 -- Frequency and Perceived Importance of Skills Performed in Critical Care: A Descriptive Survey -- 

Neville, Recker-Hughes, Grant Case and Brooks

1033 -- Use of Command Following Protocol for Minimally Conscious Patients in the Acute Care Setting -- 

Gerhardt and Christian

1034 -- Functional Outcomes of Patients with End Stage Liver Disease -- Oldenburg, Tymkew, DeBoer, Norris, 

Klinkenberg and Chapman

1035 -- Outcomes of Clinical Instructor (CI) Effort and Productivity With Implementation of the 2 Students:1 

CI (2:1) Clinical Education Model in the Acute Care Setting -- Tigani, Palmieri, Funk, Stewart, 

Neely and Wruble

1036 -- The Effect of Prolonged Bed Rest in Acute Care of a Healthy 28-year-old Female With Multiple Traumas 

Due to a Motor Vehicle Accident -- Newkirk and Ramirez

1037 -- Falls Risk in Patients Diagnosed With Critical Illness Myopathy -- Schiller, Kypros, Stempky, 

Thornton, Weber, Wilkewitz, Greene, Mugarian, Gray, Kottoor and Galen

1038 -- Telemedicine, Evidence for Effect on Utilization of Health Care Resources and Quality of Life for 

Individuals with Chronic Health Conditions: A Systematic Review -- Hickey, Coon, Maturo, Ryan and 


1039 -- Physical Therapy Intervention for Patient Status Post Antibiotic Hip Spacer With ICU Acquired 

Delirium -- Coppola and Dack

1040 -- Use of Immersive Simulation in Physical Therapist Education Programs: A National Survey -- Ohtake, 

Stockert, Baker, Chen, Corwin, Griscti and Nobles

1041 -- The Development and Implementation of an Early Mobilization Program in a Surgical Intensive Care 

Unit at a Level I Trauma Center: A Quality Improvement Project -- Morgan, Caballero, Alonso and 


1042 -- Reduction of Falls in the Inpatient Setting Via Evidence-Based Decisions: An Interprofessional, 

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Initiative -- Noonan, Wong, Chen and Fitzsimmons

1043 -- Is Fear of Movement Associated with Functional Mobility After Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery? 

A Case Series -- Difato and Smith

1044 -- High-Fidelity Simulation Can Positively Change Attitudes Towards Interprofessional Collaboration -- 

Lefebvre, Wellmon and Ferry

1045 -- Relationship of Gait Speed with Discharge Planning in the Sub Acute Setting -- Sofer, Hayes, Kume-

Kick, Arieh, Chun, Kirsch, Lo and Sanders

1046 -- Early Mobilization After Stroke: A Systematic Review of the Literature -- Harron, Gross, Harold, 

Nelson and Tyrell

1047 -- How Implementation of the ABCDE Bundle Affects Functional Outcomes -- Henderson, Saale and Heidel

1048 -- Physical Therapist Management of Musculoskeletal Conditions in the Emergency Department: A Case 

Series -- Fruth, Wiley, Naegeli, Neylon, Cowger, Harkness, Brickens and Mulroney

1049 -- Value of Students in the Acute Care Clinical Experience: Student-Driven Facilitation of an Early 

Mobility Program in the Intensive Care Unit -- Hiser, Garcia, Lopez, Gusman and Cohen

1050 -- Student Exposure to Integumentary Care/Wound Management During Clinical Experiences: Acute Care is 

Where It’s At -- Spivey, Bachman and Gibbs

1051 -- Characteristics of the Acute Geriatric Patient after a Femur Fracture and the Impact of a 

Multidisciplinary Team -- Norris, Tymkew, Royal, Foster, Wilson and Klinkenberg

CSM 2016 Platform Presentations

Ensuring Clinical Competence In The Intensive Care Unit: A Multi-Disciplinary Rehabilitation 

Competency Model -- Pittas, Eyler and Wells

How To Implement A Transdisciplinary Early Activity Program In Your ICU -- Seltzer and Ricard

Effect of TENS on Ischemic Pain: A Systematic Review -- Smith, Lennon, Sheridan, Torrey and Templar

Implementation Of An Early And Aggressive Mobility Program For Patients In The ICU -- Evans

Frequency Of Non- Or Low-Urgent Musculoskeletal Conditions Presenting To The Emergency Department: 

Preliminary Considerations For Direct Triage To A Physical Therapist -- Fruth, Wiley, Cowger, 

Harkness, Naegeli and Neylon

Differential Diagnosis And Management Of A Quadriceps Tendon Rupture By A Physical Therapist 

Practicing In An Emergency Department: A Case Study -- Fruth, Wiley, Harkness, Naegeli and Cowger

Effect Of Threshold Inspiratory Muscle Training On Pulmonary Functions In Patients Undergoing 

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery -- Elmarakby

Development Of A Functional Fall Risk Assessment Tool For The Acute Care Setting: A Pilot Study -- 

Josef and Fischer

Experience In The Acute Hospital Setting: A Model Service Learning Program For Students In Early 

Assurance Dual Degree Programs -- Pappas and Kelly

Outcome Measures in Physical Therapy Management of Patients in Acute Care Hospitals -- Bachman, 

Mann, Metzner, Whitcher, Martin, Hale and Gibbs

Feasibility And Safety Of Early Mobility Of The Neurocritical Care Patient With An External Ventricular Device -- Pino and Borst.pdf

Early Mobility Of A Patient Status Post Implementation Of A Centrimag Bilateral Ventricular Assist 

Device: A Case Report -- Wood

Multidisciplinary Collaboration To Improve Early Mobility Utilizing An Embedded Therapy Model In 

Multiple Intensive Care Units -- Cornelius

Rehabilitation In The ICU: An Advanced Practice Course For Physical Therapist Students -- Bishop and 


It’s Only Temporary: The Benefits Of Early Intensive Physical Therapy In A Patient With SMA Syndrome 

-- Laverty, Keeler and Rankel

Acute Care Management And Treatment Of Arachnoiditis, Hydrocephalus, And Cauda Equina Syndrome 

Following An Epidural Injection For Lumbar Radiculopathy -- Gross
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